C.P.M. Manifold: A Benchmark in Hydraulic Excellence

For over fifty years, C.P.M. Manifold has been your trusted hydraulic company, a byword for quality and innovation in the industry.

About us

Innovation meets tradition

Blending time-honored tradition with cutting-edge technology, C.P.M. Manifold has established itself as a leading manifold manufacturer, dynamically meeting the evolving needs of the hydraulic sector.

Series of hydraulic blocks carefully aligned in the warehouse, highlighting the variety and quality of the products offered by the hydraulic company.
Assortment of hydraulic manifolds in various sizes and specifications, showcasing the broad range and high quality from a leading hydraulic manifold manufacturer.
Warehouse of a hydraulic company with an operator working on a hydraulic block, reflecting the activity and efficiency typical of C.P.M. Manifold, a notable hydraulic manifold manufacturer.


A journey spanning over five decades

Founded in 1971, C.P.M. Manifold has navigated through decades of challenges and triumphs. Since then, we have been committed to manufacturing hydraulic blocks of the utmost quality, constantly advancing our services to meet the growing demands of the market.


Our core pillars

Passion for hydraulics and meticulous attention to detail are ingrained in the DNA of C.P.M. Manifold.


To deliver high-quality hydraulic solutions, merging experience with innovation, to meet the challenges of an increasingly demanding market.


To be acknowledged as a leading hydraulic company and manifold manufacturer in Italy and across Europe, upholding our pledge of excellence and reliability.

ISO-9001 Certificate