Precision finishing for Hydraulic Blocks

Our hydraulic block finishing process merges craftsmanship with innovation to deliver superior quality products, ready for immediate use.

Image of the final deburring process on a hydraulic block, showing the accurate removal of burrs to ensure a smooth and precise finish of the component.

Surface perfection

Manual and Thermal deburring for flawless finishes

C.P.M. Manifold stands out for its expertise in deburring, a process we have refined since the 1970s.

Each hydraulic block is treated with utmost care, utilizing manual deburring techniques carried out by our continuously trained and highly skilled operators.

For compatible blocks, this process is complemented by thermal deburring, ensuring an impeccable finish and uncompromised cleanliness. 

Produzione blocchi oleodinamici

Protection and Longevity

Phosphating for enhanced durability of Hydraulic Blocks

Phosphating is a critical step in our finishing process, not only safeguarding the hydraulic blocks against corrosion but also enhancing their strength and longevity.

This surface treatment is applied using state-of-the-art methods to ensure that each product leaving our production is not just aesthetically pleasing but also ready to withstand the toughest challenges in any operational environment.

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